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Corporate culture is the specific characterization of corporate executives to deal with things way of thinking, behavior reflected in their employees. The concept expressed through words and declared value orientation guide, this is only expected corporate culture.

    Hua Ding Yuan's corporate culture fundamentally embodied in the "people-oriented" management philosophy, reflected in four aspects:

    First, employees have full freedom of expression In the management process, as long as there are any ideas, views, can be directly submitted, the listener is basically able to maintain a kind of change ,I have something to say ,” be confident , be honest , pragmatic and creat harmonious working environment

    Second , Any person, as long as you have the ability to do that, you can make application,the company will accept the risk of failure for your idea and various research projects as long as you plan well ,company will funding for your research , this is our company culture .

    Third, employees and businesses grow together. Company will improve your talent and will introduce of foreign talent, so that other staff members have specific template learn from each other; the second is to advocate "to their own learning," and advocates constantly sum, sum, so that their overall level has been improved

    Learning culture

    1. The Hua Ding Yuan Electonic Technology into "learning" enterprise.

    2. Hua Ding Yuan Electonic Technology promote employees to learn fromcustomers , learning from suppliers, and from competitors

    3. Hua Ding Yuan Electonic Technology promote employees to learn fromcustomers , learning from suppliers, and from competitors

    4. Effectiveness and flexible learning methods is Discussion; send people to participate in external training; administrative personnel and management training into the daily work;

    Inheritance in corporate culture, the grass-roots management staff is the main carrier of corporate culture and disseminators, especially managers is a "local leaders", the staff at all levels mainly through department manager's behavior and way of thinking to get to corporate culture perception. And this perception is seen as a rule, a direct impact on the guiding ideology of the staff at all levels of their daily work. So to get the effect of a good corporate culture, we must first manager ranks.

    Corporate culture to achieve "outside of the line, the curing in the system, internalized in the heart" of the state.

    We firmly believe in creating Hua Ding Yuan Electonic Technology as big internation brand





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